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Your weight loss journey

Why do you always hear people talk about their weight loss “journey?”


I looked up the word journey, and to no surprise, the definition of journey is, “the act of traveling from one place to another.”


As I continued to read, Webster said, “journey usually means traveling a long distance and often in dangerous or difficult circumstances.”


There we go…that’s why it’s a journey! Weight loss and keeping it off for life can be long and difficult!


Mostly, I think it’s hard emotionally.


The actual act of of your body losing weight, and specifically fat, is easy when you follow certain rules.


What makes it long and difficult is our own mindset and self-talk!


Have you ever stepped on the scale and hated yourself for eating a junk food the day before?


Have you feared that exercising will be painful, hard, and that you won’t be able to do what you “have” to do in order to see change?


Did you ever feel worthless, not enough, or stupid because of the way you looked or for what you ate?


Getting over that stuff is the hard work, the journey!


You know eating an apple instead of a donut is best. That’s easy to know!


It’s your emotions that make your weight loss journey long and difficult.


Please know that we ALL have feelings of fear, being less than, or giving less self-love than we ought to during our journey.


While each of us has an individual life-time journey, we all have those ups and downs.


We all have periods of feeling really powerful and strong one minute and doubtful and spent the next.


I believe this is especially true for women. Women are more in tune to their emotions, and it’s harder for us to just plow through stuff (not that we can’t – I just don’t believe it’s our general nature).


I think that if you can keep going through those moments (even when those moments are a few months long) of self-doubt, knowing that all you have to do is put a few steps into practice, the journey is a bit easier.


In other words…don’t stop. The journey is a life-long adventure and opportunity for learning!


I know some of you reading this today have had exceptionally challenging journeys. Keep going. It’s your journey. No one else’s. Do what you need to do!


If you want to START your weight loss journey, I’m here to help. We have an encouraging community of women who are compassionate and kind…and fun! You won’t regret that first step, even if it is a bit scary.  ;)

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