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What if your conscious mind accepts this?

You may have heard about the “mind-body connection,” but what does that really mean? In a nutshell, our beliefs create feelings, which lead to actions, which produce results. How would that work with fitness? Let’s say that somewhere along the…

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New Year, New blah, blah, blah

Seriously, though, Happy New Year! I hope you did have a great holiday and a fun New Year's Eve celebration (or got to bed early!) This time of year does lend itself to new goals, possibly new expectations of ourselves…

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5 Rules

Today I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned from the clients who’ve had the most success in my fitness program. They’re all different women from different backgrounds, with different professions, and different family dynamics. However, they all seem to…

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Substitute one word

Do you want a big mental shift that could make you leaner, stronger and healthier this summer? Instead of thinking: 'Should I spend my time doing this', switch to thinking... 'Should I spend my life doing this.' If I say…

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On again off again exerciser

So you don't exercise at all or you are inconsistent and go on for a few months (or days) and then you are off for the same period of time. There's also a good chance that you don't have time…

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