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What makes a good workout

I remember taking a weightlifting class, first in high school and then in college. I'm going to date myself, but it was all Nautilus equipment (a brand name of fitness equipment that was "new and innovative") and your entire session…

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Nutrition isn’t the only answer

Besides nutrition, exercise (including resistance training!) is extremely important for blasting away body fat, building lean muscle mass, and exploding your metabolism. But some types of exercise are better than others. So, which ones you should be doing to get closer to your…

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Tips to help you fall asleep

Sleep is a pretty big topic.   Without enough quality sleep our bodies just don't recover, we risk injury, heart disease, decreased mental acuity, lack of enthusiasm, have cravings for quick acting carbs, our patience is tested to the max,…

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Can’t get out of your own way?

Are you feeling stuck with your progress towards your health and fitness goals? Or any goals for that matter? If you can't seem to get out of your own way and make strides forward, start thinking about your thinking. List…

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