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What would you have eaten?

  Here are your choices: Sub sandwiches Macaroni/Potato salads Corn chips Pita Chips Salad Grilled Veggies Common dessert items that looked really, really yummy!   So, what would you have eaten if you have a fat loss or maintenance goal?…

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Fruity Coleslaw

Fruity Coleslaw Photo & recipe credits Ingredient 1 head green cabbage, rinsed and sliced very thinly; 1 large carrot, shredded; 2 cups fresh pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped; 1 cup mandarin oranges, chopped; 1 cup red grapes, chopped; 1/4 cup homemade…

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Core and Shoulder

You know that planks help your core (which includes many more muscles than your abs), but did you know they are great for your shoulders?   In the video below I demonstrate a Tall Plank with a mini-band hand tap.…

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