Is your self-esteem suffering?

According to Webster, self-esteem means "having a feeling of respect for yourself and your abilities." Your self-esteem might be suffering if you can't  seem to lose 20# (or however many pounds).       How is it that you can…

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Egg Roll Soup

Oh, Chinese takeout.  So good but so full of unhealthy fats and mystery sauces full of sugar and salt. Traditional Chinese food is incredibly healthy and simple by design. There's a long tradition of soups because they're warm and filling…

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Fall Out Burpee

Hate to run? It's totally okay! You don't have to run to get fit! And, sometimes your workouts just need a little fun factor.  Try this Fall Out Burpee and, by the way, it looks scarier than it actually is......but keep…

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Staying Positive is Key

Staying positive is key when you are making changes to your nutrition and exercise. Look at what is going well. Look at what you are doing right...(and do more of that.) I use the Hashtag #mindsetexercisenutrition on my Instagram posts…

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