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5 key things

I’ve trained women from all different backgrounds, of all different shapes and sizes. Regardless of their starting point, I’ve discovered that the most successful ones have five key things in common. I thought I’d share this knowledge that took years to…

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Social Media’s culture of comparison

One of the worst things you can do is compare yourself to someone else. Unfortunately, social media has created a “Culture of Comparison” that’s extremely unhealthy … not to mention destructive to your fitness goals. That “influencer” with the 6-pack…

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Fitting it all in

This school year my daughter's school changed and I'm driving her to and from school. This is not something I ever planned to do and it shifted my schedule. In the past (pre-covid era) she would walk or catch the…

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Do you struggle with change?

Do you struggle with change? Do you have a hard time taking action … consistently? Have you found yourself starting and stopping projects or programs before? Or maybe, you never really even get started? I’m not just talking about weight…

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Substitute one word

Do you want a big mental shift that could make you leaner, stronger and healthier this summer? Instead of thinking: 'Should I spend my time doing this', switch to thinking... 'Should I spend my life doing this.' If I say…

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