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15 minutes a day

One thing that causes women to feel like they are out of shape or aging "not-very-gracefully" is joint aches and pains. While there are obvious reasons for some of this, like an acute injury, very often these achy joints are due to…

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Body Fat Myths

Here are some myths about body fat that I thought you'd like to know: Myth #1 Muscle turns into fat Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. One type of tissue doesn't turn into another type of tissue. However, muscle…

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Aging summed up

A colleague of mine recently shared a quote on The Facebook: "You do not lose your strength and power because you have grown old. You have grown old because you have stopped using your strength and power." - Martin Rooney If…

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Words you use

This topic came up a few times this week...and it's only Wednesday! The topic is: Loving/hating your body. A client confessed to a few of us at the studio that she always focused on her body in a negative manner. Always…

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Is Diet Coke making you fat?

​Is Diet Coke making you fat?​ ​ Maybe. And if you are a regular consumer of Diet Coke or any other artificial sweetener, you'll want to know what it's doing to you   Despite its calorie-free allure, Diet Coke /Pepsi…

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