[Try It This Weekend] Planks

I know you haven't heard from me this week yet, but I'm still kind of in vacation mode and soaking up time with Audrey.   These days can never be replaced, and I feel so fortunate and blessed that I…

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Tight hammies?

During my initial consultation with women, I often hear, "My hamstrings are really tight." And sure enough, they can't touch their toes without some sort of compensation.   BUT what I most often (not always) find is that their bodies…

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Plank with a healthy shoulder twist.

Everyone love planks, but how about giving your shoulders a little extra attention.   Using a mini-band from Perform Better  around your wrists , set up in tall plank position. ☀Tap your hand forward ☀ Don’t twist at the waist ☀ Alternate…

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Core and Shoulder

You know that planks help your core (which includes many more muscles than your abs), but did you know they are great for your shoulders?   In the video below I demonstrate a Tall Plank with a mini-band hand tap.…

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