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Post Workout Meal

One of the most important meals of the day is your post workout meal. Breakfast, of course,  is the other and the second most commonly skipped meal by busy moms. The post-workout meal is the secret weapon to fat loss…

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Natural Sports Drinks

This recipe is from The topic of sports drinks for kids came up in class last week. I don't like drinking big name sports drinks because of the artificial coloring and excess sugar. While you need carbohydrates when you…

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Pre-Workout Meal

Is your pre-workout meal really that important and what makes a good pre-workout meal? You may run to the gym, class or down to your basement first thing in the morning and think nothing of doing your workout on an…

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A great Ab Exercise

I promised you more "Anti" ab movements! In this exercise, you will be using a stability ball to add challenge to your standard plank. Beginners can simply hold plank on the ball, intermediate (shown) move the ball forward and back…

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