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15 minutes a day

One thing that causes women to feel like they are out of shape or aging "not-very-gracefully" is joint aches and pains. While there are obvious reasons for some of this, like an acute injury, very often these achy joints are due to…

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Body Fat Myths

Here are some myths about body fat that I thought you'd like to know: Myth #1 Muscle turns into fat Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. One type of tissue doesn't turn into another type of tissue. However, muscle…

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How to improve

I don't know about you, but I am always interested in improving myself and trying to live to my potential, even if I fall woefully short, it doesn't stop me from trying. Last week I went to the BW Nice…

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Back on track

Women tell me they want to get “back on track” with their fitness. But what does that really mean? In order for someone to get “back on track,” this implies that at some point along the way, they got “off…

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Great Core Exercise

Below is a video of one of my favorite core activation exercises. I love it because it's easy to execute, you can really feel it and, of course, because it works! It's Core Engaged Stability Ball Rock Back with Arm…

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5 key things

I’ve trained women from all different backgrounds, of all different shapes and sizes. Regardless of their starting point, I’ve discovered that the most successful ones have five key things in common. I thought I’d share this knowledge that took years to…

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