Changing behavior is HARD, but not impossible.

“They” say you don’t get rid of old habits, you just build new ones to override the old ones.


Well, I’m trying to build some new behaviors and habits, and I am having a hard time with it.


I told my coach, Pat Rigsby, the other day, “I’m having a hard time changing this behavior.”


All I want to want to do is map out my week ahead of time.


He replied, “Now you know what your clients are going through.” Yep, I do.


Just like you know that exercising is good for you and will make you feel better, I know that filling out my calendar more precisely will help me be more effective, waste less time, and feel less stress.


But have I done it consistently since I set out to do it? No.


Why? Because those current habits are still pretty darn strong.


That neuro-pathway in my brain says, “you can do all that in your head, you don’t need a plan,” and that pathway is comfortable and lightning fast.


It’s the same with changing your exercise habits or eating habits. For some women, it’s just plain hard to create new healthy behaviors…but NOT impossible.


Here’s my number one rule – for myself and for you – do NOT give up.


Do NOT give up.


Another tip – surround yourself with women who are making better choices.


For me, when I am with my business coaches and colleagues, I get a ton of stuff done!


My colleagues and I get more done in two days with the group than we would sitting individually back at home.


It’s the power of the group. It’s the power of everyone doing something together at the same time. It’s the power of having to report back.

Something else that helps me: I know I will eventually win this little battle with myself. I just know it.


I know you will win yours, too.


So, remember your vision (better yet, write it down and read it) and why exercising and healthy eating is necessary for you. Surround yourself with like-minded women who want the same thing, and NEVER GIVE UP.


Are you comparing yourself to the days when you could drop weight by skipping a few meals?
Don’t compare yourself to yourself.