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About Marie

This is the page where I tell you a little about me…so here goes. In addition to being a wife and mother I am a woman on a mission!

It is my mission to help  women get Healthy, Fit and Strong so they look great and feel great!

When we exercise regularly, eat to support our bodies, rest to recover, manage stress and make other healthy choices we become strong physically and emotionally.  When we are strong, we make a difference in the world.

It starts with just one woman – YOU!

You impact your family and the ripple effect begins. By taking charge of YOUR health, you will  spread better health to your  community, region, state, county and possibly the world!

In addition to this mission, I like to spend time with my family, friends and neighbors.

I like to read, watch movies, travel, ski, go camping, go to local theater, hike, meet new people and go to church.

Being healthy, fit and strong helps me do all the things I love to do with greater easier and and enjoyment.

I can experience my life more fully  because I know  my body can handle hiking, camping, etc.  and I’m not pre-occupied with a negative body image.

By the way, my negative body image used to hold me back from trying new things, doing what I enjoy and I was missing out, but since fitness is part of who I am, that doesn’t hold me back any more!

I no longer carry the burden of this negative feeling  because  my body is strong and healthy – and that is what I focus on!


In good health, your friend and coach,


Marie V. Ande

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