Simple steps to a tighter core

In a 45-minute training session, you should be hitting every foundational movement pattern: Squat, lunge, hinge, push, and pull. ​ ​ And because we all want flatter abs, aim to hit at least two core exercises. ​ ​ It’s important to remember that…

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One core exercise I hate!

If there is one core exercise I hate seeing people do, it's the Twist-y machine that many gyms have. I don't know what they call it, but you sit on it and hold your upper body still and swing your legs…

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[Try It This Weekend] Planks

I know you haven't heard from me this week yet, but I'm still kind of in vacation mode and soaking up time with Audrey.   These days can never be replaced, and I feel so fortunate and blessed that I…

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Tight hammies?

During my initial consultation with women, I often hear, "My hamstrings are really tight." And sure enough, they can't touch their toes without some sort of compensation.   BUT what I most often (not always) find is that their bodies…

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