Fear is not a fruit of the Spirit.

I heard this quote from Dave Ramsey: “Fear is not a fruit of the Spirit.”  It resonated with me, and I want to share it with you.


So, if fear doesn’t come from God, it must come from the Devil.


Perhaps I’ll isolate some people by sharing this quote, but hopefully it will inspire more than isolate. Plus, I don’t want to fear sharing it and let the Devil get an upper hand. 😉


I bring this up because some clients and I were discussing that the hardest step of getting healthy and fit is getting started, taking that first step, actually beginning the journey….that’s the hardest part.



It’s not the workouts (although they are challenging), it’s not drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, or journaling your food.


The hardest part is saying, “Yes, I’m worth it, and I’m going to do this!” and then actually start!


Why is starting the hardest step?


I believe it’s fear.


Fear that you can’t do it.


Fear that you’ll give up more than you’ll gain (feelings of being denied).


Fear that’s it’s too hard.


Fear that others will balk or not support you or understand you, and you’ll lose relationships.


Fear that you’ll be hungry all the time.


Fear that you’ll get hurt.


Fear that you’ll look foolish.


Fear that everyone else will be “better/stronger than you or know what they are doing and you won’t.”


Fear that your fat will jiggle in the mirror.


Fear that you’ll pass gas in front of everyone else.


Fear that you’ll leak when you jump.


Fear that if you do succeed, you’re not good enough to maintain that success.


Okay, you get the picture, and I bet you’ve felt one or more of those fears.


BUT, do not fear!


You are meant to take care of your health.


It’s the most important asset you have.


When you don’t have your health, do you think or do anything else but try to get better? Nope.


If Fear has been holding you back from taking that first step, please remember that Fear is NOT a fruit of the Spirit.  Be brave, take the first step, whatever that first step looks like to you.


And remember I’m here for you if you need help.




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