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Moms, your core could be stronger if you DON’T do THIS

If you are more of a video watcher, go right here : Your core could be stronger if you DON’T do this.


Moms…pregnancy and birth change your body! Don’t you agree?


Every mother I have worked with or screened has had what they call a “weak core.”


Most of them tell me before I even screen them, “My core is very weak!”


If you are one of those moms (and even if you’re not), here is something you need to pay attention to:


Your alignment and how your pelvis shifts when you walk or exercise (or even when you are just standing).


Your core (composed of many more muscles than just your abdominals) is strongest when your body is aligned and “stacked.”


I say aligned and stacked when your rib cage is directly over your pelvis.


What commonly happens, though, is that the rib cage is shifted forward of the pelvis and/or the pelvis tucks under and tilts.


Some women have a standing posture with the pelvis tipped under.


Others tuck or tip the pelvis under when they walk or stand on one leg.


Some women have been taught to do this when they are at the top of their squat. They were taught by a well-intended trainer to squeeze the glutes at the top of their squat, which actually causes your lumbar spine to flex, and too much/too often flexion can cause pain in the back.


So, moms, your core could be stronger if you DON’T squeeze the glutes at the top of your squat. And your core could be stronger if your pelvis doesn’t tuck or tip under when you stand.


Watch this video for more explanation and to see what tucking under looks like.



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