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Don’t quit…Not today!

Today is the day…National Quitting Day!

It’s nothing to be excited about, but the reality is that most people who set health and fitness goals for their New Year Resolution are going to quit today.

It’s rather sad that they gave themselves less than 20 days to have a significantly better life.

If you are one of the majority who thought today would be your last day to get up early and exercise, the last time to plan your meals, the last time you’ll skip the after work wine….STOP. Don’t be a statistic of National Quitters Day.

There’s a good chance you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by all the new changes you’ve made and you feel like it’s impossible to keep up.

You’re probably right.

Most likely, you did set yourself up for failure because you tried to institute too many things at once.

Your brain is probably about to explode with all of changes you’ve made so it’s easier just to give up, give in and claim that you’re not “meant to be” healthy or fit or strong or age well, etc. , etc.

It’s a lie. You ARE meant to be healthy and fit and strong.

What you are not meant to be is overweight, weak, and unhealthy.

Don’t get mad at me because I am not condemning you. Far from it. I want to help you because I know, from personal experience, how hard it is to make these changes.

Instead of quitting, break down your goals into smaller action steps.

Perhaps you start with :

  • planning out three healthy dinners per week, instead of seven
  • meeting a friend for a workout twice per week instead of five
  • eat breakfast five mornings instead of seven
  • have wine only three nights instead of seven
  • going to bed 30 minutes early instead of two hours earlier

Once you conquer on habit change, move on to the next.

Don’t quit. Keep moving forward, one step at a time. You can do it!

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