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Do you want to be more or to shrink and be less?

I gave a talk today titled Strong Women Lift and I forgot to mention a really important tag line.

More often than not, I’d say 99% of the time, a potential client comes in, and she wants to lose weight. She wants to shrink and be less – less body fat that is, less in size.

Working toward shrinking can be a necessary goal, after all, we know the dangers of being overweight/over-fat and obese/severely over-fat….fat tissue is not benign, so it is an important goal.

However, it can get very tiresome to constantly be exercising with the only goal of shrinking and women often lose the motivation to keep going.

How do you beat this?

You change how you approach your training sessions.

You think about your workouts and your training sessions as that of a way to grow, expand, be more…Get Stronger! (wink, wink to my long time clients.)

Imagine every time you wake up and you are getting your workout clothes on you think “I’m going to get stronger today!”

Is that empowering, or what? I tell you, it is!

Knowing that every training session enables you to stand taller, move better, carry more, move heavier things, climb mountains or stairs easier, lift your kids or grandkids or your golf bag is an amazing feeling and it makes your workouts more productive and takes that draining feeling of “I have to do this to lose weight” away, replacing it with “I can’t wait to do this!”

If you aren’t strength training now, make a plan, get some help to do it right, but start sooner rather than later.

You will not regret becoming more!

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