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Why you might be stuck and not seeing progress

If you are making any attempt to get healthy, lose some weight, or eat better and/or exercise, I commend you.


It’s not easy in our world to make changes that are healthy, because MOST people are NOT HEALTHY, and so it’s hard to do something different than the rest of the world.


Recently, a few past clients have become current clients once again, and they’ve expressed how difficult it was to “go it alone,” so to speak.


It really does make a difference when you get regular face time with women who want to be healthy, fit and strong.  Having regular time with these other women keeps you going, it keeps you inspired, it keeps you remembering what you really want.


Why do women get stuck, then, if they are involved or connected to others who are reaching and working towards the same goal?


One thing that I’ve noticed over the years I’ve been exclusively training women is that women take on too much. They have too many things on their plates, and ALL of them are important. I have been there, sometimes, I am still there!


All the things we want to have, do, be, or give are important, but you’ll have to decide what is priority.


Try this line on for size:


Instead of saying, “I don’t have time,” try saying, “It’s not a priority,” and see how that feels.


After all, that’s what is really going on.


So, if you’ve been feeling stuck and not progressing, consider these things:

  • Saying “No” to things that don’t bring you complete joy.
  • Some things can be “good enough.. If perfectionism is creating too much stress and taking up all of your time, not leaving any time for you to exercise, grocery shop or prepare food, perhaps some other things you do can be less than perfect, and it will still be great!
  • You are putting pressure on yourself and calling it “my children don’t want me to do this,, “my husband doesn’t want me to spend the money,” “in my job, I have to work after my kids go to sleep/before everyone gets up/without a lunch break/etc., or I will get fired.”


So, just some thoughts for you to think about.


Reflection is critical to self-improvement, so spend some time reflecting.

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