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Are you sucked into videos and social media posts of AWESOME workouts?

As you scroll through Facebook or Instagram, do you pause on those videos of hard-bodied women squatting bars, jumping on high boxes and landing so gracefully, throwing weights over their head, and glistening with just the right amount of sweat?


I get sucked in watching. Sometimes.


Then, I remember that my workouts make me feel awesome and able to move. My workouts help me lift and move stuff in my everyday life. My workouts give me freedom of movement and make me feel less than my actual age.


If you think your workouts need to involve barbell jump squats or plyo jumps to a 24″ box or whatever you see as you scroll social media,  STOP. Because you don’t HAVE to workout like that.


In fact, most women I’ve screened would end up with more aches and pains by doing that stuff then when they started.


You have to put the work in, but if you are a woman who sits most of the day in a car or at a desk and/or you haven’t been lifting weights or doing some type of movement practice on a regular basis, then you don’t have to chase after those mystical workouts that social media glorifies.


Do you have any idea what those women FEEL like? Mostly, they don’t feel as good as you think they look.


When your goal is to FEEL better and LOOK better, then a good workout will help you do that.


Have a good workout today. Be consistent. Challenge yourself, don’t kill yourself. Feel good in six weeks, not beat up.

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