Pondering what matters

First, I have to give a big shout out to my clients! Thank you so much, ladies, for my cool white board!


We use white boards for writing the workouts, our Wins and announcements, so I am psyched and so grateful to have a this new toy!



When I received this gift, we had all taken a few minutes after a training session to have coffee and enjoy each other’s company and to just sit still for a few moments. We began talking about all the things we needed to get done before Christmas day and how we choose what gets done and what gets left undone or gets left for later.


We all had stuff to do. Work stuff. Family stuff. Holiday stuff. Lots of stuff to do and then some more stuff to do.


I decided the other day that the end of last week and this week, Christmas week, family stuff mattered most.


As much as I’d like to say “Family First” everyday, I don’t always live that. Sometimes my clients come first. Sometimes my new puppy comes first.


But this week and the end of last week, I really want Family first. So instead of doing some work stuff (because that will always be there), I wrapped gifts mid-day. Gasp!! I spent time mid-day doing non-work stuff. It wasn’t easy, because it’s not habit, but it felt good, and it was what mattered most.


I made sure to get a workout in on Friday, even though I had been awake for way too long, but that mattered to me.


Someone else is NOT making/giving certain gifts so she can spend down time with her family, because that matters most.


Another person didn’t do Christmas cards this year because other stuff mattered more.


So, as I’m sitting here writing, I’m thinking about what matters most, what things I have been putting up with at the expense of what matters most, and how I can change that. What and how can I do things differently so that what matters is where my attention is.


Who’s with me? What things matter most to you, and how can you change things so that what does matter gets your attention?


I’m taking Christmas day off from my writing and hope you take some time away from your e-mail,as well.  I’ll be back in touch on Wednesday.


Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.