What is self-love, and can it help you lose weight?

I’ve heard the same thing you have: “You have to love yourself first before others will.” (I don’t think that it is always true, but…)


Whenever I heard that statement, I thought, “Yes, of course.” But I never really gave it attention more than that until I read an Instagram post from a woman telling how she demonstrated her own self-love.


While I may not have it all figured out for myself, some things I came up with might help you (and they might help you lose some weight if you apply them to your life).


So, here are a few things that I do/need to do to demonstrate self-love:

  1. Rest when tired. This means I have to stop doing other things (like watching TV or getting the dishes done).
  2. Eat healthy meals I enjoy. Don’t skip, and put some effort into it. This means I have to stop doing other things (like work or cleaning or reading) and take the time to prepare instead of throwing something together.
  3. Move my body every day. This means I have to stop doing other things (see above).
  4. Drink enough water. This means being present. Being aware.


The common theme, I believe, is DO LESS, but do what matters. I know it’s hard when nearly everything seems to matter.


However —


Work will always be there.


Dirty dishes and laundry will always be there.


Yard work will always be there.


The bills will always be there.


What won’t always be here is your time on this Earth and the people we love.


Take care of yourself. Love yourself. 🙂


Take care of your relationships, and I believe that taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your relationships.


I KNOW you are thinking about how you can take better care of yourself in 2019, that it’s time for YOU.


It is okay to take a small step as long as you are moving forward.


Start small, but start TODAY.