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Weight loss comes down to…

Weight loss comes down to establishing new “norms.”


Think about it for a minute. What does a “healthy, fit and strong” woman do that might be different from someone who isn’t “healthy, fit and strong?”


She exercises regularly/consistently, she eats foods that support that outcome, drinks water, takes supplements, prioritizes sleep, stays away from excessive alcohol or other drinks that can negatively impact that outcome, and she tends to have a positive attitude towards these things.


Is this the case 100% of the time? No.  No one is perfect.  No one I know wants to be perfect all of the time!


However, when she is having drinks or eating pizza, that’s “abnormal” behavior.


The normal behaviors of a healthy, fit and strong woman support the results she gets.


If you are not “healthy, fit and strong” or have a hard time staying there, it’s because the things that a “healthy, fit and strong” woman does is NOT normal for you…. right now.


The good news is that is CAN BECOME NORMAL……you can have a new norm!


I’m not saying it’s easy or happens overnight, but with consistency, it DOES happen.


I’ll give you a seemingly silly example.


I used to eat at least 1 cup of oatmeal with raisins and blueberries and mixed it with tahini every morning. When I started working with a nutritionist (Alyssa Cellini of Complete Nutrition & Wellness), she advised me to change it up: 1/2 cup of oatmeal, no raisins or blueberries, no tahini, and add protein.


My new norm is the 1/2 cup and how she recommends that I eat it. It wasn’t easy. I thought I might starve. I thought I’d be missing out on something. But…the only thing I ended up missing was some extra unneeded pounds of fat. :)


You can do it! You can have new norms, too!


It takes knowing what those norms are, it takes time, it takes some effort, and it takes willingness to change.


If you are willing to change, your norms can change. You’ve got this!

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