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Your Fitness “Think Global, Act Local” goals

What do you think about New Year’s Resolutions?


I’m not a fan of setting goals only because it’s a new year.


Why not set goals when you are ready to work towards them, which could be any time of the year?


But, I get it. The new year is like a fresh start. And while I don’t call my goals “New Year Resolutions,” I often do think about what I want to be different and better in my life, or rather, how I can do things differently so that I’m living more joyfully.


Whether you do or don’t make New Year Resolutions, you’ve had goals you’ve wanted to reach and it’s very likely that some have been fitness and health goals.


You may also have had the same fitness and health goals year after year.


You keep trying. Keep on keepin’ on, until one day, you are magically 20 pounds lighter, doing 20 push-ups or in a size 12 dress, right?


Yeah, no…it doesn’t quite work by magic. So why isn’t it working when you set the same goal year after year?


Maybe your expectations are too great and too overwhelming, or maybe you’re not giving yourself credit for what you’ve already accomplished.


What I mean is, maybe you expect that if you only try hard enough, the weight will fall off, or you’ll suddenly be stronger than you were yesterday, but what you really need to do is think smaller.


It’s kind of like that phrase “Think Globally – Act Locally.” You have to visualize the big picture, the big goal, but you have to ACT small. Many small things adds up to one big thing.


Try this: instead of saying I want to lose 20 pounds this year, break down how you can get there.


Try only 3 things at a time, for example:

  1. Exercise with weights 3 times per week.
  2. Do not buy or bring home junk food – keep it OUT OF THE HOUSE!
  3. Eat three meals and snacks where appropriate per day (i.e., don’t skip meals).


Are three things too overwhelming? Try two or even one step at at time.


Just imagine where you could be by January 2, 2020 if you did ONLY one to three things every single day/week/month!!

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