Substitute one word

Do you want a big mental shift that could make you leaner, stronger and healthier this summer?

Instead of thinking: ‘Should I spend my time doing this’, switch to thinking…

‘Should I spend my life doing this.’

If I say “I spend 25% of my time watching TV and scrolling social media” – no biggie, right?

Everyone does these things and I could rationalize these things by saying “I need to watch TV to relax” and “I scroll social media to find out what’s going on/be up to date and connect with people.”

But if I say, “I spend 25%, that’s one quarter of my life, doing those things,” well, I think it has a bigger impact.

It feels different and it certainly makes you wonder if doing some particular task is worth giving up 25, 35 or 50% of your life for it.

You might be thinking, “Yah, okay, I get it, but how does that shift make me leaner, stronger or healthier?”

It’s for this reason: you will start to cut out the “junk” part of your days and start using that part of your life for something more meaningful – something that makes you leaner, stronger or healthier.

You could go for a 15 minute walk in the sunshine to build up Vitamin (hormone) D, which a majority of the adults living in the North East are low in.

You could spend 30 minutes stretching and doing mobility drills or interval training.

Or instead of four hours of television or web surfing, you could prep, make and eat a healthy dinner with your family; lift weights; AND read an uplifting or personal growth book (maybe not in that order.)

In only those four hours you’ve dumped screens, built relationships, practiced self-care/self-love, and had fun!

Remember that there are many spokes on the wheel of health. Things like, but not limited to, lifestyle choices, fulfilling relationships, getting some sun exposure, drinking enough water, regular and consistent exercise including lifting weights, avoiding highly processed foods and other environmental toxins, eating foods that support your health, and managing how you respond to stress.

At the studio, we talk about this stuff all of the time and work toward improving what we can. It’s so important to spend some of your life around other women who also want to be lean, strong and healthy. We feed off of each other and inspire one another to be better!