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When you’ve felt defeated, you might place blame where it doesn’t belong

Today’s topic might be very sensitive so read this knowing it comes from a loving place.

When you’ve felt defeated so many times, you might begin to believe that every future attempt will fail.

Women have joined my program expecting to fail.

Why would someone do that?

They come ready to fail so that they can say that they “tried.”

No one likes to fail or lose, so when someone has a excess body fat and she hasn’t  been able to release it in the past, she may join a program, not have success and then place blame where it doesn’t belong…on the program.

You see, if you joins a program she can, at least, say “I knew it! The program didn’t work. It’s not my fault.”

You see, she joined and that means she attempted to fix the problem, but since she lose the excess body fat, she figures that the program or the place didn’t work.

Instead what really happened was:

  • she only came for 1/2 the training sessions
  • she had more “cheats” than she will admit
  • work came first, not the “plan or program”
  • she didn’t follow the plan for at least 80% of the time
  • she expected miracle results in 3 weeks time (or less!)
  • she is stressed to the max and won’t do anything about it

Then, she feels defeated….again.

If this describes you, what can you do to have Hope again?

When you have Hope and you combine that hope with a burning desire to to get a result, it will be like ordering a steak at a restaurant….you order it and expect that it will come to you.

The next question then is: how to have Hope and a burning desire for your goal.

Very briefly, you must do daily work and get yourself in an environment of people who will keep you positive, inspired and growing!

The work will be mindset work combined with physical action, meaning you can’t expect to lose weight, get stronger and fit simply by being positive, hoping and imagining the outcome. That’s all a true part of it, but you also have to follow the Law of GOYA (get off your a$$) ;) and do the appropriate exercise (done correctly), eat wholesome foods, get enough sleep, drink water, etc.

Combine mindset, action, and environment so that you finally reach your goal and fitness or any other goal you set out to achieve.

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