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5 key things

I’ve trained women from all different backgrounds, of all different shapes and sizes.

Regardless of their starting point, I’ve discovered that the most successful ones have five key things in common.

I thought I’d share this knowledge that took years to accumulate, so the next step in your health and fitness journey can be much easier.

Here are the five things my most successful clients have in common:

Patience Wins: So many of us want to results today. After all, it only took one day to get to our condition, right? ;).   Recognizing that progress happens slowly and with consistency, over time is one of the most valuable concepts you can embrace.

Enjoy The Process: Sure, it’s important to have goals and periodically evaluate your progress and reassess ,but it’s better to stay in the moment. Enjoy today’s workout and the people you’re doing it with. Get the most out of the exercise you’re doing now … instead of impatiently looking forward to the next thing. Remember that you’ll always have a “next thing” and if you are always focused on the future, you’ll never notice today.

Don’t Compare: Did you focus on the woman working out next to you who outweighs you by 40 pounds, has been training here for 5 years, and just lifted double the weight you did?  Or, did you focus on your form and your effort?

You’re here for you! Do not to compare yourself to others. Do not give away your joy. Each one of us has our own journey so let’s embrace that.

Embrace Setbacks: There will be bad days. Things will go wrong. You will get into a rut. Remember that these setbacks needed to happen in order for you to achieve your next level of success.

Be Grateful: I’ve learned that gratitude is one of the most important emotions we can experience. Be grateful for what you have that you want. Be grateful for what you have that you don’t prefer. And be grateful for what’s to come.

Given that it’s August, there are 5 months left in 2023. I’d like to propose that you focus on one of the above rules each month through the end of the year. If you’re just OK at following these 5 rules consistently, you’ll be ready for a massive breakthrough with your fitness – and your life.

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