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Practice this for a better workout

I’m an assistant coach for Girls On The Run, an after school enrichment program for girls grades 3-6.


In yesterday’s lesson, we coached the girls on visualization and how it can help them have better experiences in life.


As we were going through one part of the lesson, I realized how much I use this skill in my own workouts.


I see myself going through moves and holding weights and feeling strong. I see myself doing body weight moves with ideal form.


You can practice this, too, for a better workout!


Visualize yourself lifting weights with perfect form!


Visualize yourself doing the moves – like a lunge or squat or push-up with strength and confidence!


Visualize your body moving with ease and having mobility.


Remember, skills can be learned, so you can practice visualizing your workouts and get a clearer picture every time for a better, more effective workout.

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