How to NOT gain weight or feel bloated and gross

Remember last week when I talked about “maintain, NOT gain”?

The idea is to enjoy, but choose wisely. Plan and pick “this vs. that”

But what happens when you can’t stop eating the delicious food that is usually high in sugar, fat and salt so you end up feeling bloated and gross and then you gain some weight on top of it?

This is what I’m doing and maybe it will work for you:

1. After my prayers (part of which is asking for mental strength and fortitude!) at night while I’m lying in bed thinking about the next day I think about WHY I want to stop eating junky food: 

-It causes me to gain fat

– I need to be a good role model

– My body is my temple and I only have this one

-My mind is more clear when I skip the junk

– My mood is better and my mood impacts my families well-being and happiness

2. Then I think How am I going to do that” because we have cookies, a gingerbread house and left-over Halloween candy still in the house?” so then I remind myself:

– I can do anything for a week (even a day. I try to break it down into small chunks of time)

-I have to eat vegetables every meal (a rule I give myself)

-If I crave sweets, I have to eat fruit even if I don’t feel like it (another rule I give myself)

-If I am tempted, I must remind myself of ALL OF THE ABOVE

-Make myself accountable. I made a video asking my clients to hold me accountable. You can ask your friend to help you (I won’t say to ask your husband – that is usually a really, really bad idea)

-Don’t skip meals

-Make sure to get my workouts in.

-Take my supplements which include protein powder, thyroid/adrenal support, Vitamins B & D, probiotics

A lot of self-talk and a few rules!

Our self-care starts in our head and our thoughts – your self-talk matters!

In order to get what we really want – a healthy, fit, strong body and mind so we can be our best selves- you have to say the right things to yourself!