Results or Rituals…or both?

Have you ever lost a bunch of weight and then gained it all back? (insert any goal you achieved and then went back to your starting point.)


You were really focused on achieving that specific result and you made it happen.


Somehow, you had the willpower to forgo the ice cream, cheese and wine or chips.


You exercised five days per week.


You did it! You achieved your goal…and then…..everyday life got in the way again.


Dang it! You thought you beat this “thing”.


Before beating yourself up for gaining that weight back, give yourself credit for having done in the first place.


You have proof that you are capable!


Now, let’s focus on what might have gone wrong and how to fix it so you get permanent satisfaction from your efforts.


Instead of only focusing on the end result, start paying closer attention to, and giving effort to, your RITUALS.


In other words, put the emphasis on building habits that will last you a lifetime.


Rituals and habits are what will ultimately  carry you through those times when “life happens”.


Once you’ve adopted a different way of eating, moving and living through changes in rituals

  • You will feel good 
  • You will be stronger
  • You will be healthier
  • You will be at your ideal weight and body composition 
  • You will move better
  • You will age more gracefully
  • You will be happier 
  • It will take less effort because the daily action steps have become part of your daily ritual


Results are obviously important to remember, but it’s the daily habits, the action steps you take day after day that will get you those permanent results.