I was denied of yummy food…

One reason I like to check in with a coach is to keep myself accountable. The other reason is because they remind me of what I said or did or wanted before the current moment.


When I went to my nutritionist for a check-in, one of the things I told her was, “I don’t know if I want to work at getting to that level of lean again…at least not for a while. I felt denied too often.”


Luckily, she corrected me, and told me what I really said and felt – and that’s why she’s my coach!


I was fascinated by the fact that TODAY, in my head, I told myself it would be too hard – too much effort and work – to get to that same percent of body fat that I was in the past. However, the REALITY WAS that at the time I had no feelings of being denied some of my favorite foods!


Do you see what this means?


It means that if I’m like you, and you’re like me and you do the same thing.


I had just built something up in my head that was completely untrue! (The truth was that I felt fine and really good about what I was eating when I was X% body fat.)


And, I was ready to make a long-term decision on it.


I don’t know…I thought this brain trick I played on myself was pretty interesting – and revealing.


Getting leaner or whatever it might be for you (exercising 3x/week, drinking 10 glasses of water, cutting out cereal as a dinner food)… maybe it’s not as hard as we envision.


Maybe our goals are actually easy to achieve.


Maybe there isn’t as much to give up as there is to gain. 😉