Your bad mood.

Yes, your bad mood (and mine).


‘Tis the season, right?


By this time in February, we’ve all had enough of the gloomy days, cold temps, and shortened sunlight.


It hits most of us, and this year is no exception.


Here are some things I do that help:


  1. Remember it’s temporary. The longer, warmer days are around the corner!
  2. Do something that makes you happy (that does not involve eating or drinking)!
    • Buy yourself fresh flowers
    • Call a friend who makes you laugh
    • Watch a funny movie
    • Watch a funny animal You Tube video
    • Read the comics (do they exist??) or look up funny images
    • Go for a walk, even if it’s cold outside.
  3. Make sure your vitamin D levels are in range. (Ask your doc if you are low-normal – could you benefit from supplements?) and if not, take your supplements or get some sunlight. A good excuse to take a trip south!
  4. Read or listen to something motivational or inspirational – or watch. It doesn’t have to be a movie – just a short clip or a podcast.


Spring is almost here!