Hsit!…”I’ve got so much to do!” How do I squeeze in exercise on top of everything else?

You want to do things that are healthy, but you’ve got so many other things on your plate, and you are not sure how to squeeze it all in.

You want to feel better by eating better and exercising, but everyone needs you.


You want to get to bed earlier, but the strings are pulling on you.


How the “F*!*” do you get it all in?


I don’t like to curse but I do, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed with work, family, and the rest of life.


My priority is to work out and be home in the morning to make Audrey’s lunch and get her on the bus. But the new puppy is going bonkers and needs to be walked!


There goes my workout….for more days than I like. Result: I start feeling anxious and annoyed.


Have you ever felt like that? I bet you can relate.


Here’s what helps me get through:

  1. Realize this isn’t forever. The puppy won’t be a puppy forever, and while she’ll always need a walk, she won’t always be bonkers. (I hope!)
  2. Audrey will only need/want my help for a short time, too. I better be there with her while I can.
  3. If I don’t spend/waste time on stuff that doesn’t matter (I can get sucked into the news or social media if I let myself), I’ll have time to get that workout in!
  4. I can still get results or maintain my health with 3 solid workouts per week – I don’t need to crush it 7 days per week.
  5. Do fewer things. A biggie right here. Stop trying to do it all. Ask for help. Don’t be everything to everyone.


I don’t know if this helps you or not. I hope it does.


I hope it gives you a different and helpful perspective. 🙂