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7 strategies to use for success, and “No, it doesn’t make you a weak person!”

Putting strategies into place so you succeed doesn’t make you weak – it makes you smart!  ;)


Using “tricks” will help you succeed in reaching your fitness and fat loss goals. And what do you want more? Reach your goals or NOT reach your goals?


If you think these simple tricks and strategies are too simple to work, then you haven’t tried them, because they DO WORK.


Ladies, we just don’t have enough will-power capacity to make it from early morning to late night!


Here are some “tricks”, aka strategies, to help you succeed!

  1. Grocery shop on-line, and have it delivered. (No temptations!)
  2. No junk food in the house. Nope, it doesn’t come through the doors. If you want ice cream, you’ll have to leave and buy an individual serving.
  3. Put your workout clothes out the night before. All set and ready to go! (Removes the need to make a decision.)
  4. Same with your post-workout protein shake. Have it made up and in the refrigerator, all set and ready to go! (Takes the decision making out of the equation.)
  5. Eat breakfast, complete with protein and fruit. (Throw in some chia seeds for extra fiber!)  You will eat less in the evening when you eat quality food earlier in the day at the right times. (Our bodies just work this way…why are you fighting it?)
  6. Use a straw to drink water. I know I drink more water if my bottle has a straw. Simple, right? Try it! There’s something about tipping your head back that stops us from drinking more water.
  7. De-clutter kitchen counters and work spaces where you prep food and write your food journal. (If something requires more work, you’re less likely to do it, especially when you are tired and rushed.)
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