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The baddest women of them all aren’t the most ripped or slim…

This was the beginning of the post that I was tagged in today…here it is in (almost) full:


“The baddest women of them all aren’t the most ripped or slim…they’re the ones working 2 full-time Jobs, paying off student loans, helping everyone else, & still finding a way to take care of themselves! Am I right or am I right?!?! I’m just most inspired by REAL A** women that are doing life….”


I’ve been thinking about it all day, because the author is RIGHT!


Have you seen women on social media who either have a lot of time to spend in the gym or have a physique that is naturally more athletic and you think, “Ugh…what am I doing so wrong?” or “I’ll never be able to achieve that look!” ?


It can get you pretty down if you let it….but it doesn’t have to!


The fullness of our lives and our purpose doesn’t (dare I say “shouldn’t”) be measured by how ripped or skinny we are.


The women I know do take time for themselves, but not only for themselves, and that is real life.


The women I know own businesses, have a bunch (or just one ;) ) kids, they are taking care of parents AND college students, they give their time to volunteer, work really hard at their jobs, they are caring and giving mothers/daughters/sisters/friends, and THEY STILL fit in time to exercise….that is inspirational!


I want to let you know that YOU ARE AMAZING, and YOU are BEAUTIFUL.  Ripped or not so much… :)

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