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Double Down vs. Giving In

After a year of pandemic life, I’m sensing that a lot of people are confused about what to do for their health and fitness.

Are gyms open? Are they safe? Will they ever be the same again?

What seems obvious is that small, personal studios with appointment-based training and controlled attendance are going to be a regular part of the normal fitness setting.

Not just from the standpoint of what women are comfortable with, but also from the standpoint of getting better results.

Big-box gyms will just be part of the “old”.

People who are serious about getting results are increasingly going to find that the personal coaching, accountability and nutritional guidance they can receive in a private studio are going to be much more effective.

So in many ways, it’s not time to give in to the post-COVID reality of fitness.

It’s time to double down.

Bet on you, and seek out the guidance and support that will help you navigate the way fitness will take place and get better results than ever.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Be flexible. If getting to the gym is impractical for you right now, seek out some help with setting up a home workout space. Double down by getting some guidance from a professional coach who has your best interests in mind and who can put together a program to help you achieve your goals.

Invest in supplements … but be careful about quality. Most store-bought supplements are low quality with lots of fillers, so you have to find a brand that’s reputable. Some basics I recommend are high quality protein powder, B Complex, Vitamin C, probiotics, for most women a liquid Vitamin D contain K2 (if your doctor recommended Vitamin D, don’t stall!) and in some cases, fish oil will go a long way toward boosting your immunity and filling the gaps that we all have in our diets.

Prioritize self-care. The pursuit of every activity under the sun isn’t a particularly healthy or rewarding way to live—have you noticed how nice it’s been not to be going in 3 different directions at once??

Taking care of yourself has to be your No. 1 priority. Seek out activities that nourish and satisfy you. When the weather is good, get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. You know, get some sun on your eyeballs.

Start a morning routine of stretching and focused breathing. Make time for exercise, whether that’s meeting with your trainer (in-person or online) or following a well-designed program at home.

Giving in to pandemic fatigue isn’t going to serve you or get you any closer to your goals.

Look for ways to double down and prioritize your health and fitness.

There’s never been a better time.

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