Don’t make this mistake

One mistake I see a lot of women make when starting a fitness plan is going too hard, too fast.

Raise your hand Type A personalities! 😉

Seriously, though, anyone is at risk of taking on too much, too soon, especially if they haven’t exercised in years or are coming back from an injury or illness.

Now, don’t get me wrong … just starting up a fitness program, in any fashion, is a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated! After all, most women…..most people….are not exercising or moving their bodies at all (they are still waiting for the perfect time or to have enough time or for their kids to be done with activities/start activities, and so on and so on.)

Let me remind you, there is NEVER a perfect time to start exercising. It’s like starting a family, there is never a perfect time for that either – you just do it and make it work!

Think of your fitness journey as an individual workout. A good coach would tell you not to launch yourself headlong into a workout, because you could run out of gas quickly … get discouraged … and want to quit.

It’s the same for your fitness journey as a whole. You’ve got time to get acclimated.

Most of my clients first came to Her Fitness after months, usually years, of being generally inactive ​because they’ve been prioritizing everyone and everything else above themselves and if that’s you, too,  then  step No. 1 is just to get started.

However, don’t fall prey to a mistake I’ve seen a lot of women make before they even get to step No. 2.

Don’t come out trying to keep up with everyone else or even your past self.

Don’t assume you can jump right in and lift heavy weights or even do the same speed and reps as someone who is standing next to you.

Be kind to yourself and your body.

Take your time. 

Just because someone else is moving fast doesn’t mean you need to be.

Just because someone else is doing X exercise, doesn’t mean it’s beneficial for you to do X exercise.

Celebrate moving … once you master the basics, get the form down, and build a strong foundation from the ground up, then  add more weight or more intensity.

This is why so many women who start with Her Fitness succeed … because there’s no pressure or intimidation to move at a certain pace or lift a certain amount of weight or even do the same exercise as anyone else.

Certainly not compared to someone across the room who’s been doing this consistently for five years.

Yes, get started.

But no, don’t go too fast, too hard,  in the beginning.


Enjoy the process, and the journey. It’s honestly the most satisfying part.