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What if you could button up those jeans again?

How would you feel if you could button up a pair of jeans that only a few weeks ago were splitting open at the zipper and button?


You’d feel amazing!


Add to that the feeling that you get when you start exercising on a regular basis!


It’s no accident and it’s no surprise that when you change what you eat and begin to exercise, you feel GREAT!


This is exactly how one of my clients felt after participating in our Rock Your Jeans project. We’re still not done with our “project,” and she’s already feeling amazing!


Here’s the funny thing – I asked her to jump on the scale one day, and she wasn’t ready to do that, but I wanted her to feel motivated to continue, and I KNEW her body was changing.


She didn’t think there would be any change on the scale and didn’t want to see that, so I asked her to try on her jeans.  You know, the pair that wouldn’t button up. To her delight – they zipped and buttoned closed!


Congratulations to her and all of my clients on the Rock Your Jeans project because they are doing fantastic!


But, hey, I know and you know that 4 weeks of exercise and eating differently are going to result in changes. The trick is to maintain that change.


How do you maintain and keep going?


After all, this has to be a lifestyle choice you make, not just a “diet.”

  1. Be in constant contact with your support and coach.
    You are like the 5 people you spend time with. Spend time with people who are healthy eaters and exercise. I regularly visit my nutritionist, and I regularly connect with my business coach.
  2. Mindset matters.
    What words do you use, and what thoughts are going through your head. For example, a “diet” has a start and stop and often means deprivation. How long can that last? Try instead using words like, “I eat food that nourishes my body”, or “Exercise is a part of my life and who I am.”
  3. Use strategies (instead of willpower) to help you pre-decide.
    Plan meals, set your exercise clothes out the night before, don’t buy junk food and keep it in the house even if the kids like it, buy groceries online and have them delivered so you don’t have to go into the grocery store, have a workout buddy (or a coach) to keep you accountable.
  4. Give yourself some grace.
    You’ll most likely have some setbacks. Be kind to yourself, and stop the negative talk. It’s normal for busy women to fluctuate a few pounds or to not be the same strength all year long. We have lives that sometimes take over our workout schedule.  ;)  Just be kind, forgiving, and get back at the “new lifestyle.” It’s not always going to be perfect, but if you can get to eating well and exercising 80% of the time, you’ll do great!
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