Is exercise or nutrition more important?

I get asked this question a lot: Is exercise or nutrition more important for losing weight?


Here’s my answer: They are BOTH important!


I know… you’re shocked. Another gray area, and can’t you just get a black and white answer?  Nope. 🙂


Here’s the thing, though: if you ONLY CARE about what the scale says, nutrition wins.


If you care about:

  • How Your Clothes Fit
  • How Flabby You Look/Don’t Look
  • Your Strength
  • Level of Fitness
  • Looking Younger
  • The Amount of Body Fat vs. Muscle
  • Moving Better
  • Reducing Aches & Pains


Well, if you care about any of that, then you have to EXERCISE, and specifically, you have to use weights or some type of resistance training.


It’s like driving a car: what’s more important, the wheels or the engine? You’re at a standstill if you don’t have both.


Start lifting weights and eating better to get the results you want! (Pssst…we lift weights at Her Fitness.)