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Super Shakes

Today, I wanted to spend some time on Super Shakes.

I know you are super busy and sometimes miss a meal so drinking a super shake makes it easy to keep the habit of getting protein (and other good stuff) in at every meal.

All you need is a good blender and a few ingredients. Here’s an example of my go-to Super Shake:

· 12 ounces almond milk (if you don’t tolerate, try coconut milk and whatever you use -NO added sugar)

· 1 serving chocolate protein powder (I use a plant based powder from My Custom Cleanse)

· 1-2 cup frozen strawberries

· 1 giant fistful spinach

· Chia or flax seed*

· Cacao Powder (great source of magnesium and makes it extra chocolatey)

· *you can add a different source of fat like coconut oil or 1 Tbsp almond butter

Blend it all together and take it with you on the go for a power-packed meal filled with protein, veggies, fruit and healthy fats!

Check out this FREE guide to making a delicious, healthy Super Shake ===> HERE.

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