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Kiss of Death to your Health & Fitness

Do you know what the kiss of death in your health and fitness is?

It’s a getting into a “rut”

Many of us default to doing the things we’ve always done.

Eating the way we’ve always eaten.

Exercising the way we’ve always exercised.


The explanation is something like this: “That’s how I’ve always done it.”

For most of us, doing things the way we’ve always done them is the proven path to disappointing results.

Whether we’re talking about career, relationships, parenting, or health & fitness … we tend to fall back on what we’ve always done in the past and we keep hoping and telling ourselves “This time it will be different.”

If you want better, you have to change….and that’s uncomfortable and not always so easy.

You know that you if you don’t like what you have, then the only way to improve it is to change.

However, we fall back on our habits, especially when we are not supported in our efforts or have no accountability.

If you want to make some small changes in your fitness, then do something like:  “add more strength training,” or, “add a day of intervals or LSD (the new term is Zone 2, but it’s the same as it’s always been – long, slow distance!)

If it’s health & wellness, then that would be  “make each meal a little better by adding protein and/or vegetables.” or, “getting one more hour of sleep each night.”

The only certainty is that doing the same thing you’ve always done is not going to get you a different result…but you have to be aware and that may be the trickiest part of the equation!

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