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How’s your happiness?

How’s your happiness?

Hopefully you ride on the “I’m more often happy than more often not” side of the road, but if not, this message could be for you.

While it’s known that the foods you eat, the amount of rest and sunshine you get, and your current life circumstances you are going through can have a negative impact on your mood and happiness level, some people are waiting to be happy.

They are waiting for a body transformation ​before they will allow themselves happiness.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. 

Sure, there are instances of “I’m happy to go be able to buy clothes right off the rack” or “I can fit into the roller coaster seat!” – those are great experiences and should be celebrated because you put in a lot of energy and focus to be able to do that.

BUT, many women think that they will only be happy when….”I lose weight”, I”‘m smaller”, “My butt is bigger,” “My boobs are smaller” and so on and so on.

Don’t wait! 

Choose to be happy today…no matter what your body looks like.

Happiness is a choice and a habit…it is part of your mindset.​

Work towards your health and fitness goal and be happy all along.

After all, you aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

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