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Deadheading my flowers and loving your body.

Gardening (flowers) has become my jam since moving into my new (100 years old) home almost two years ago.

As I was deadheading one of my hanging basket plants this morning I made an important connection.

I water this plant, I deadhead the flowers and I fertilize it.

In other words, I give it some love and guess what?  She produces and grows and flowers!

However, there are a two of my hanging baskets that I just don’t love as much. Sure, I water it, but I don’t deadhead the flowers as often and don’t think positive thoughts about these two (haha, my gardeners know what I’m talking about) and wouldn’t you know it, these two don’t produce like the other one does.

It occurred to me that it’s the same with people.

If you aren’t loving on yourself, if you fail to dote on yourself once in a while, you won’t grow or produce like you could.


When was the last time you did something nice or special for yourself?

How did it make you feel?

I bet it made you feel special and happy and perhaps motivated or inspired to do something greater!

If you hate your body, as many women do, you won’t treat it right and you can’t expect it to flourish or respond well.

Show love to yourself and your body – love what your body can do and focus on that.

This point is very important because your energy goes where your focus flows and if you are focused on hating your body, you won’t take care it.

If your thoughts are loving towards your body, you will do things to nourish and support it.

Change your thoughts, change your life:)

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