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My teeth brushing habit

I bought a new toothpaste and the directions call for not rinsing after you brush.

One day, after brushing and rinsing three times in a row I grasped the idea of “habit.”

Like, me, I bet you’ve read books about habits, listened to podcasts about habits, heard teachers and lecturers talk about habits, and understand them, but, boy, did my teeth brushing experience wake me up to the depths of how engrained our actions, patterns and thoughts are. They are completely automatic!

Not only are habits things that we do, they are the way we think and respond.

Habits are so much of our daily lives that we don’t even realize they are habits.

Think about it. What are you doing now that is so entrenched that it’s actually holding you back from what you say you want?

Do you automatically skip breakfast or pop a boxed pastry in the toaster?

Is the first thing you do when you wake up look at your phone or device?

What’s your go-to drink? Is it water or coffee or soda?

If you want to feel good again, how do you think about your current and future fitness and health?

Do you want to be leaner, thinner, more fit, but then you turn around and talk to yourself as though you don’t deserve it?

Start paying attention to your self-talk and it will reveal your thinking habits.

One thing you can do, is set your environment for success.

In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear says:

“Habits thrive under predictable circumstances. Focus comes automatically when you are sitting at your work desk. Relaxation is easier when you re in a space designed for that purpose. Sleep comes quickly when it is the only thing that happens in your bedroom.
If you want behaviors that are stable and predictable, you need an environment that is stable and predictable.”

What is your environment for getting healthy, fit and strong?

If you need a new environment, I’ve got some spots open and I’m even getting ready to open a one-to-one training spot in a few weeks.


p.s. I still catch myself rinsing after brushing!

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