A core exercise for everyone (even the guys!)…especially if you sit all day.

When you think about your core, do you think, “I’m really strong!” or do you think, “I need some help!” ?


Most women I meet intuitively KNOW their core, their abs, need some help. The area feels weak, or they have back pain, and they’ve read or have been told that strengthening their abs will decrease back pain.


However you feel about your abs or your core, we can ALL use concentrated, focused work.


And guess what? If you sit for your job (even if it’s your job driving your kids or parents all over the place), your abs DON’T HAVE to work as much as someone who stands and moves, because your chair is supporting your body.


The old saying “Use It Or Lose It” applies here!


The exercise I’m going to share with you below target the deep transverse abdominis, which you can see in in both pictures.


BUT, check out the second picture because that one shows you that the core ALSO includes back muscles, pelvic floor (in both men and women), and the diaphragm (that is why coordinating your breathing is necessary).


If you are NOT coordinating your breathing with your core exercising you are not getting the full benefit.



Check out this video to see a foundational core exercise – I show 4 variations of the Dead Bug.

Dead Bug