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Great Core Exercise

Below is a video of one of my favorite core activation exercises.

I love it because it’s easy to execute, you can really feel it and, of course, because it works!

It’s Core Engaged Stability Ball Rock Back with Arm Raise.

It re-educates the path from your brain to your body so the muscles of your core are doing the proper thing, in the proper sequence with the proper amount of tension.

Nearly every single woman who walks through my doors has core muscles that are not activating with appropriate tension or in the proper order.

When this is the case, your body will over use some muscles, like the quadriceps and back muscles,  to help stabilize the hip and the low back because the deep transverse abominis (TA) is not doing it’s job properly and this can cause pain or injury to those overworked areas.

Give this exercise a try and let me know what you think!

Stability Ball Rock Back With Arm Raise

If you think your core is weak and might be causing you trouble, I invite you to reply back and let me know so we can set up a Connection Call and possibly set up a FREE Success Session!

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