Get full-body stronger by starting with your glutes & core

While most of my clients come to me because they want to lose body fat, they also want to get stronger.


Being stronger is so powerful, especially for women, because physical strength leads to emotional/mental strength. When our bodies are physically stronger, confidence in all areas of our life SKYROCKETS!


Where does your strength stem from, though?


Your core.


When your core is stronger and activating appropriately, the rest of your body can produce and transfer more energy.


At Her Fitness, we do a ton of work to help the core get stronger and working more efficiently.


We also do a lot of exercises that get the body to work as a whole unit. There’s no such thing as isolation work, and I don’t have time for inefficient exercises like bicep curls and tricep kickbacks. There’s just not enough bang for your buck when doing such exercises.


Here’s an example of an exercise that connects your upper and lower body, your glutes and your core and your back. (By the way, if you’ve had some kids, sit for your job or in the car, your glutes could probably use some help.)


Check out this great and challenging exercise!


Bridge March with Over Head Sandbag Reach


For stronger glutes and core (shoulders and back, too)!