Superset these exercises for get max results and save time

Hey there!

Check out this video for a simple way to save time and still get maximum results when you work out.

Supersets are simply alternating between two exercises, usually non-competing movement patterns (but not always) so you save time because you are active during a rest ;). White that may not seem to make sense, it really does. At Her Fitness in Flemington, NJ, we often super set exercises in our large group personal training setting during our strength phase.


Here’s an example of how it works:

Alternate a lower body with an upper body exercise. In this video I show a Sissy Squat alternating with a Single Arm Band Row.

A1. Sissy Squat for 30 seconds

Rest to switch exercises (20 seconds)

A2. Single Arm Band Row for 30 seconds

You get 50 seconds of rest for your lower body – the 20 seconds after completing the Sissy Squat (A1), the 30 seconds while you are doing the Single Arm Band Row (A2) and the next 20 seconds of rest and switch time after A2.

This gives your central nervous system and muscle fibers enough time to recover and be ready to work hard for the next set.

Depending on experience, current fitness level and your individual goals, you might do 2-6 sets.

*these exercises work the glutes, hips, thighs, back, arms, abs and core, shoulders…hmmm, it sounds like a full body workout. A1 is considered a knee dominate exercise and A2 is considered a horizontal pulling exercise.