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The Story She Tells Herself

The story she tells herself (and me):

    “Getting to my workout is causing me more stress and  it shouldn’t, so I have to stop working out so many days per week.”

What I heard:

“Everyone else is more important than me.”

Can you relate?

You have so many things to do and getting them all done just isn’t happening. You work, you have a few kids and they each go to different after school events, you volunteer, you’re a helpful neighbor, you have parents that need you—everyone seems to need you.

Here’s the kicker…You LOVE it! You love feeling needed, you love helping other people (And, hey, that volunteer work is only once a month so you CAN do it!).

Here’s the problem. When you decide to do something, another thing (or person) gets sacrificed.

There’s no other way. When you decide to do one thing, the time has to come from somewhere (or someone) else.

For many women, what ends up being pushed to the back burner is themselves and their health.

I realized early in life that your good health is your number one asset.

This is why I get angry when women tell me they “can’t” exercise. My head nearly explodes. I’ll get a headache from hearing this.

My dad was 51 years old when he passed on. I think he would have given just about anything to live longer and feel better while he was here on Earth. I think if I knew then what I know now, things might have been different. Perhaps I could have helped him live longer and feel better.

This is why I am so passionate about helping women become healthier, fitter and stronger. This is what it stems from. It stems from seeing my father die an early death.

You deserve to live healthier. You deserve to feel better in your body.


I work with women from all different starting points, most of the women haven’t worked out in a long time or ever. You don’t have to be afraid to reach out.

What are you waiting for?

What are you really telling yourself?

 Think about it.