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We’re 10 days from Thanksgiving and I want to make sure you’re in a good place when it comes to your health and fitness.


With the holiday season upon us, this is a time of year when a lot of people lose their way.


If  (more likely “when”) you’re going to indulge, it’s important that you do this with intention.


It’s okay to wander outside the guardrails here and there … but if you don’t have the guardrails in place, well, that’s when things can go sideways in a hurry.


Let me explain why so many people fall off track during the holidays. In my opinion, it all comes down to mindset.


Maybe you’ve said this yourself, or heard someone else say it, “I love the holidays, but, every year I manage to put on five to eight pounds. I just don’t have the willpower to resist all the temptations!”


If you’re saying that or thinking that, you’re doing something very powerful that is going to virtually ensure that you’ll put on 5-8 pounds.


You are pre-deciding that it’s going to happen!


Yep, you’ve already made up your mind that there is no way around it because you are letting your past predict your future.


Remember: Beliefs are decisions, and they create feelings, which lead to actions that produce a particular result.


And guess what? The actions and results are always in alignment with your beliefs.


Always. No exceptions.


So how can you break the cycle this year?


The first step is to recognize your thinking.


Step 2 is to make a new decision. Tony Robbins talks about this. You can decide right here and now. It doesn’t have to take a long time to change, it only takes a decision.


“I’m deciding to fit in one extra workout per week between now and New Year’s so I can keep my weight under control while still being able to enjoy a treat here and there.”


“I’m deciding that between now and Christmas, I’m going to include at least one serving of colorful veggies with every meal so I can stay full longer and won’t be tempted to go overboard.”


“I’m deciding that this is the year to maintain my current weight during the holiday season, so I won’t have to go on a drastic diet or extreme workout program in January.”


Once you make a new decision, your feelings change from anxiety and dread to optimism.


Then your actions — and outcomes — align with that decision.


For this holiday season, what are you going to decide?

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