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(A self posture assessment and) do you get better or just get it done?

I think there’s a time and place for just getting sh*t done.


However, I believe that the overall quality of your life, current and future, is greatly enhanced when you work on getting better.


You might already know that I’m big into personal development and growth. I believe that we can always be a better human being – emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually.


One thing I do to improve my skills as a personal trainer (and it helps me as a business owner, too) is to attend continuing education.


This past weekend, I attended a two-part course called What Lies Beneath: How Fitness Professionals Can Address the Under-realized (Postural & Movement) Effects of Abdominal and Pelvic Surgeries AND Female Fitness: Restore The Core.


Interestingly, I had already had my workshop Strong, Functional Female Core- Beyond Planks scheduled! I knew immediately that I had to attend so I would be able to bring back even more info and exercises to help women feel and look their best!


I am super excited to share with you the things I learned and what was reinforced!


The CORE is where your strength comes from (besides your brain).


If your deep core system is not functioning optimally, the rest of your body will not reach its potential strength and function.


Women, especially, are likely to have scar tissue that impacts the way their core works (or doesn’t work optimally).


Our modern lifestyle impacts how our core functions, too.


Do you hold your abs in to look a little thinner?


Were you told to, “Stand up straight, and pull your shoulders back!” and you do it?


If either of these describes you, you are NOT able to optimally breathe or stabilize your low back and hips, and this can lead to pain in your back, hips, shoulders, and neck.


Check out your own posture with this SELF-ASSESSMENT.


With your shoes off and feet together, place one hand on your pubic (symphysis) bone and the other just below the “V” at the top of your chest. See the picture below.


(This picture is to show you approximately where to place your hands, because I’m NOT in proper alignment here.)


Do your hands line up? Is your top hand sitting behind your bottom hand?


If so, you are NOT aligned, and hence your big, superficial muscles are doing A LOT of unnecessary work, while your smaller, stabilizing muscles are not doing their share (this could be one reason you feel tired or that seemingly easy tasks feel hard).


(More pics from my weekend in Kansas here on the Her Fitness Facebook page.)


Ideally, your top hand will be slightly in front of your bottom hand. Not directly in line and not behind it.

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